Thursday, September 1, 2011

बाँसी ज़िंदगी

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         क्या है मेरी ज़िंदगी ?
        शुरुवात में लगा था 
        होगी कुछ खट्टी कुछ मिठी..
        थोडीसी नमकीन और हाँ ..
        तुम्हारी तरह कुछ तिखी भी! 
खैर ____________
        अब ये है तो नहीं ...
        बाँसी है मेरी ज़िंदगी ...
        लगा था कभी जिनके सहारे जी पाऊँगी
        वो लमहे जो तुमने और तुम्हारी याद ने पिरोये है
        मेरी जेहन में ...वो सब अब बाँसे हो चुके है ....!
सर्दियोंमें __________
         तुम्हारे संग बीते पल 
         एकसाथ जो फूँके मारी थी हवामें 
         और खिड़कियों पे उंगली से कुछ लिखना 
         वो सब सर्द   हवा  और फूँके  अब बाँसे हो गये है  ..!
बारिशमें ___________
          भिगे हम और भिगे  पल ........
          वो बारिश जो  भिगोती थी हमें 
          कभी तुम्हारे छत पर , कभी मेरे आँगन में 
          कभी स्टेशन पे और कभी कभी बस तुम्हारी बातोमें 
          वो बारिश ..वो बातें भी अब बाँसे हो गये है ....!
समंदरपे ___________
            किनारे पे आपने पैरो के निशाँ छोड़कर , 
            हाथ में हाथ लिए फिरते हम ...
            रेत पर तिनके से हमारे नाम लिखना 
            और रेत का टीला बनाते समय 
            उसपर से तुम्हारी फिरती उंगलिया...
            मानो कोई माँ अपने बच्चे के बालो में से 
            घुमा रही है आपनी उंगलिया......
            वो किनारा ... वे अक्षर जो रेत पे लिखे थे ..
           और वो घर जो तुमने बनाया था अब सब बाँसा हो गया है .....!
पल _____________
          लगा था कभी जिनके सहारे जी पाऊँगी उम्रभर 
          वो पल .... वो सारे पल ;
          जो मेरी जेहन में है वो सब अब  बाँसे हो गये है ....!
सच _____________
          लेकिन ज़िंदगी का आखरी सच तो यही है .....
           भूखे को ... बाँसी रोटी भी ज़िंदगी से प्यारी होती है .....!

by Avanti Kulkarni on Friday, September 2, 2011 at 12:12am

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"oh shit" Gmail moments

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Have you ever experienced classic "oh shit" moments using Gmail where in you intended to send email only after attaching your required attachments (may be your resume :P) or sent a non-veg email (lol) to entire contact list instead of select few (read, your boys group) ?

Did you know, long back Gmail Labs introduced a feature called “Undo Send” ?  If not , you can enable by logging to your Gmail account and then navigating to Settings > Labs.

However, we have got only 5 seconds to “Undo” a sent mail. Thanks to Gmail Labs , we now have 30 seconds to avoid “oh shit moments” :)

Here is the quick update on how to activate it.

1. Go to Gmail Labs

2. Enable “Undo Send” and don't forget to hit save settings button at bottom.

3. Change default settings
After you saved your settings as mentioned in step 2 , click on settings (top right) and look for “Undo Send” option in “General” tab. Select “Enable Undo Send”. Set value of “Send cancellation period” to 30 and click on “Save changes” button at bottom.

4. Testing
Simply compose a mail to your friend ( jee bhar k gali do sale ko :P) and hit send. you will see an indication confirming that your mail has been sent along with “Undo” option.

This message will now last for 30 seconds instead of 5-10 seconds. Click on “Undo” link within 30 seconds and save yourself from embarrassment :P

Enable “Undo Send” even if you might use it less frequently. who knows, one day you might just need it :) Share your classic “oh-shit” moments while using emails if any.

Don't forget to check this excellent post which i found very useful.

Smart way to share.

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I love to read a lot on variety of topics on internet and very often I come across an interesting blog post / web page. However, the pain is to share it quickly. All i need to do is to login to Facebook, Post a link. Here is the smart way to do it quickly.

Shareaholic is the simplest way to share, spread, and save interesting webpages via your social networks, email, blogs, IM, and more. Good news is, its supports Google Chrome , IE 8 , Firefox , Safari and Opera.

All you need to do is to install this extension from here. As i use Google Chrome , rest of this post will show screenshots from same. I believe its more or less same for other browsers too. Once you install it (say on Chrome) you will see a green icon on top right side of browser as shown below.

Configure: Its 100% customizable, lightweight, lightning fast.

We need to tell this extension on which websites we wish to share the current webpage. For me , its Facebook , and twitter.
Also note that you need to have an account with you can use your existing Facebook login by clicking on Sign-In button as shown in the image.


Once you are logged in , you have 1-click posting to 100+ services from any webpage which you can configure. Here is the complete list of supported services including Read It Later.

Shareaholic in action :
Make sure you have installed the plugin/extension to your favourite browser (Chrome in my case) and also logged in to your shareaholic account via Facebook as mentioned above.

One of my friend blogged about how to enable cool Aero effects in browsers. After opening this post ,click on green shareaholic icon(top right for chrome) and you will see “share menu” which is configurable as per your choice.

Click on Facebook button and it shows a small pop-up screen which allows you to add your own comments.

Now click on share button and voila !!! its shared on your Facebook account as latest update.

Try it and you will love it. For me its a “must-have” add-on for any browser.

Things i liked about shareaholic:

  • 100% customizable, lightweight, lightning fast.
  • Support for almost all popular social networking platform including Facebook,Twitter, Google Mail, Google Reader, Google Bookmarks and Read it Later.
  • Customisable option for URL shorter, useful for twitter users.
  • Keeps my bookmark bar tidy.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My 1st micro-blog post

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Subject says it all :) I am not an avid blogger. However, i will be expressing my thoughts, observations, views on various topics i find interesting via this blog and hence the name "Dynamically Different".

Let me respect the "micro" nature of this blog and end this post.

Good Luck and Have Fun (GL n HF) Smile